At Unichi Logo, authenticity is at the heart of who we are

We begin with pure, natural ingredients that support your body’s own regeneration processes. From the tropical rainforest to the crystal clear waters of the icy Southern Ocean, our team scours Australia and beyond for unique materials and carefully analyse their constituents. Taking inspiration from these remarkable plants and minerals, our one-of-a-kind new products are born.

Beauty From Within

But being comfortable in your own skin is much more than simply feeling your best.  We think it holds the key to unlocking true potential in this fast-changing age. Genuine individuality has never been more valuable –  the key to forging authentic connections with others and creating the life we wish to live.

Live An Authentic Life

It’s this simple yet profound philosophy that has driven Unichi from the very beginning. In everything we do, we strive to help our customers live an authentic life, expressing their uniqueness in a myriad of ways.

Pure, Natural Ingredients

Our Brands

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